About Roger Beeson

I grew up in a home where BSL was my parents’ language. After more than 20 years teaching in schools for deaf children, latterly as Deputy Head at Oak Lodge School, I stepped across to be a full-time freelance BSL interpreter in 1994, having already qualified with distinction as an interpreter in 1988. I retired from interpreting in 2016.

Throughout my time as an interpreter I was actively involved in interpreting and Deaf community events

I am a co-founder and still actively involved in managing e-newsli, the online discussion group on BSL interpreting.

Over the years I held various voluntary posts in the Association of Sign Language Interpreters. In recognition of my contribution to the interpreting profession I was made a Fellow of the association (FASLI) in 2008. And then in 2017 I was awarded the prestigious Ben Steiner Award.

I founded the now-defunct Healthy Deaf Minds meetings in London. I was Chair of Trustees of the Royal Association for Deaf People until 2015, and of Deafinitely Theatre until 2016. I was Chair of Sonus (formerly the Hampshire Association for Deaf People) until its merger with Deaf Action in 2022.

I set up this site because I got far more requests to interpret than I could handle. Rather than just saying “No”, to people when I was busy, I had a list of other reliable and competent interpreters whom they could contact. This site is a way of giving more information about interpreters. I want consumers to be able to contact interpreters directly, without the intervention of agencies that don’t understand the BSL interpreting market and offer poor value for money.

If you’re an NRCPD registered BSL interpreter and you would like me to consider listing you, contact me using this form with the names of 3 interpreters already listed on this site who have seen you working, and 3 experienced Deaf users of your interpreting service. A final decision on inclusion is mine and mine alone.

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