I worked for 21 years as a self-employed BSL interpreter. I am now retired and don’t interpret any more. You can find more information on my background and experience in the about me section.

This site lists fully-qualified, reliable and competent self-employed BSL interpreters who work face-to-face in Greater London. The site is not an agency. And it is not intended to be used by agencies who don’t understand the BSL interpreting market, and who just make interpreting more expensive.

Roger Beeson BSL Interpreter

To email interpreters, go to the Interpreters page and choose a domain that suits your assignment. This filters for the interpreters who take this type of work. To email all of them, complete the boxes below the photos, and send.

All interpreters listed here are registered with NRCPD (National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People).

If you draw a blank in finding an interpreter, your best bet is to use a specialist BSL agency. I suggest contacting Interpreting Matters, which is an interpreter-led agency. Its website is at www.interpretingmatters.co.uk and its email address is office@interpretingmatters.co.uk

If you want to make contact with the Interpreters of Colour Network, go to https://www.interpretersofcolour.net

As with any profession, there are variations in ability. The people listed on this site are ‘can-do’ interpreters, whose work is respected by experienced colleagues, and by experienced Deaf users of interpreting services. These are interpreters who know what they can and can’t do, and will admit it.

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